Vespers 3: Tuesday 13/12/16

The final Vespers Poetry of 2016 is on Tuesday 13th December from 7.30pm at the Serenity Cafe, 8 Jackson’s Entry, Edinburgh, EH8 8JP (a few doors down the vespers-logolane from the Scottish Poetry Library). The line-up will be:

Nick-e Melville
Tessa Berring & Kathrine Sowerby
Andrew Sclater
The event will start on time, so please arrive just a little early if possible. It will finish at 8.30pm. There will be mince pies, non-alcoholic mulled wine and other Christmas surprises. Tickets are available at the door for £3. Please drop into the Scottish Poetry Library (about 10 seconds up the lane from the Serenity Cafe) beforehand as they are having a Discount Poetry Shopping Night from 6pm onwards.

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