Vespers Poetry

Vespers is a new monthly poetry evening compered by Jane Bonnyman and Rob A. Mackenzie on the second Tuesday of each month at the Serenity Cafe, The Tun, 8 Jacksons Entry, Edinburgh EH8 8PJ (a few doors down the lane from the Scottish Poetry Library).

There will be three readings, each for 15-20 minutes. One of those will usually be a collaboration between poets or between a poet and musician, dancer, artist etc. The event will start (on time!) at 7.30pm and will end at 8.30pm. Afterwards, people are free to head home, do something else or join us for a drink in a nearby bar. But it is important to know that the Serenity Cafe is a dry venue and you can’t drink alcohol or use drugs on the premises.

We hope to bring you some of the most exciting contemporary poetic voices and plan to cut effortlessly across experimental/mainstream boundaries.

The events will cost £3, payable at the door, and there will also be a raffle. All money raised will go to the venue and the poets.

The first event will be on Tuesday 11th October, 7.30pm. More details will be released soon!



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